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> Martin mentioned that it's " Purely UK law, but that's been replaced this year anyway"; it may be a good idea to find out what it's been replaced with and substitute that in the en-uk directory.

The Data Protection Act 2018, I think.

This Act is UK law that makes local additions/modifications to the
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is an EU-wide Regulation
that applies automatically to all EU states.


> Of course, with Brexit, that would be moot next year anyway, presumably.

Unless Brexit is cancelled, which seems extremely unlikely, the UK would
certainly no longer be controlled by the GDPR, as we won't be an EU
state any more. But the Data Protection Act would still be in force, as
it's UK law. But the DPA refers to the GDPR, and the information
Commissioner's Office says:

"It is therefore important the GDPR and the DPA 2018 are read side by side."

For Service Providers:

It's likely that UK service providers will still need to take the GDPR
into account, even though it won't be UK law any more.

Service providers that only provide services to non-EU customers, which
will include UK customers after Brexit, will no longer need to comply
with the GDPR.

UK service providers will still need to comply with the Data Protection
Act, which is based on the GDPR, which no longer applies, so.... who knows?

For Consumers:

Looking at it from the consumers' point of view, the GDPR is all about
EU Citizens, but us British lose our EU citizenship at the end of March
next year. So British people will no longer be able to use the GDPR to
protect their privacy.

It's all a bl**dy mess!

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