Release quarantined message using postfix

Kenneth Hansen kenneth at
Sun Sep 23 11:43:34 UTC 2018

I am building a custom solution with MailScanner v5 and Postfix as the MTA.
I followed the MTA guide on<> for setting it up using postfix.

However, I have an issue when it comes to releasing a message marked as high-spam and therefore it is stored and not delivered to the recipient. The server running MailScanner + Postfix is not the same as the server where the recipient email account is located.

If I just use the sendmail command with -i and -f options, postfix does try to deliver the quarantined email, but MailScanner will process it again and therefore it is once again stopped as high-spam.
Is there a way to make postfix deliver the email, without having MailScanner process it again or at least just skip spam scanning?

I am not using the new Milter option, which means I still use the “current” Hold queue option.
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