MailScanner 5.1.2-1 Now Available

Shawn Iverson iversons at
Wed Oct 24 11:36:28 UTC 2018


- Patch Mail::ClamAV to allow install for SuSE builds
- 7zip handle spaces in filenames
- Clamd full message scan
- Detect fax and tel links
- mime_perl_to_string fix for ignored handler
- Add Kaspersky Linux Mail Server support
- Ignore "archive damaged" in esets scanner output
- Cleanup reports, add en_uk reports
- Workaround MIME::Parser failing to decode UTF-8
- Refactor milter to fully support multiple original recipients
- Refactor milter to support large messages
- Refactor milter to reject blacklisted emails early
- Fix off by one header add in milter
- Look for all recipient records in DeleteRecipients
- Update milter doc to 1.3
- Remove invalid Apparmor code in debian package
- Fix condition concatenation in ms-update-phishing
- Fix mktemp in clamav-wrapper for FreeBSD11
- Add DrWeb virus scanner support
- Fixes for clamav on rhel variants

Shawn Iverson, CETL
Director of Technology
Rush County Schools
765-932-3901 option 7
iversons at
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