Quarantine release and Dedpuplication

George Papamichelakis gpapamichelakis at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 09:05:33 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I have this scenario and I wonder how do you people cope with it (if you
do) :

I have a postfix as a primary MX for a domain  with some system users and
an exchange server behind with some additional users. Normally when I
release a quarantined message (mostly due to filename restrictions) the
exchange users did not receive this email with the released attachment but
the postfix (linux) system users   did (exchange implements deduplication
by default I guess). In the way I had to implement  on dovecot  a global
sieve sieve filter which also adds deduplication . Now when I release a
message no user gets the released message because it has the same ID as the
one blocked in the first place. One way to address this is to modify the
global sieve script to not discard the duplicate messages but to store them
in a folder for the user to see , but this breaks the reason why the action
was implemented in the first place.
A second way to bypass this restriction is to release the message in an
alternative user and then this user to FWD to the original recipients, but
this is also awkward.
 I wonder how likely it is to be able to modify the messageID of the
released quarantined message in order to bypass this ?

I use mailwatch to view and release quarantined messages.

Thanks for any suggestions
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