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Richard Mealing rich at
Wed Nov 14 11:03:47 UTC 2018


Hi list, 

I have a requirement to set external email tag in the
subject line for all scanned external emails coming into a certain
domain. I have set this up and everything seems to work fine. 

When a
user replies the client adds a 're' tag to the subject and the further
external reply (now the 3rd email) mailscanner cannot detect it's
original tag and so adds another EXTERNAL EMAIL to the subject line.

So the email subject looks like this - EXTERNAL EMAIL: RE: EXTERNAL

I have added the tag at the end of the subject
line and that fixes the problem, however the user would like me to try
and fix this behaviour so they can add the tag at the start of the
subject line. 

I am running a fairly old 4.85.2 version of mailscanner.
I am just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this? Can mailscanner
search for the tag in the subject line and then not add another tag if
it finds the tag? 

Thank you. 


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