pearl regex OR in rules files.

Alistair McIntosh awm2 at
Mon Nov 12 20:00:19 UTC 2018

Hi all.

I'm trying to set a rule that says if the domain is x and the IP is not a or b or c then do y

Its possible to get the behaviour I want using perl regex, but I'm struggling to get an or that will work.  For example

From: /\@domain\.com/ and From: /^(?!10\.0\.0\.1$)/ store /path/to/dir/

This will take any email from that has NOT come from and store it.  Store being a test action, the final  intention is to drop it once testing successfully.  Where I'm falling short is getting some 'or' in that second expression.  With a pipe or operator | it drops the functionality altogether,  I've tried /^(?!10\.0\.0\.1|10\.0\.0\.2$)/ but no joy.  I've played about a bit and can't get what I'm after.  I tried a list of rules, one for each IP but they appear to cancel each other out, so I guess the question is 'Is Or supported in the perl regex in mailscanner rules' if so, any advice on how I can implement it.


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