msmilter connect timeouts.

Mark Sapiro mark at
Sun Nov 4 16:58:28 UTC 2018

Mark Sapiro wrote:

> It appears my original reply to this may have gotten lost.

It was in quarantine. It is moot at this point as increasing the number
of milter children seems to have solved the issue, but for completeness,
here's that reply.

> On 11/1/18 3:40 AM, Shawn Iverson via MailScanner wrote:
>> Mark, 
>> How many milter children do you have configured?
> Milter Max Children = 1
> Also, at this point I have reverted to a non milter config as the issue
> seems to have gotten worse. In the approximately 45 hours that I was
> running with the milter config, I see 194 of the timeouts and in the
> same period, I see 541 "milter triggers DISCARD action"  log messages.
> 167 of the 194 timeouts occurred within a 68 minute period this morning,
> but there were also normal interactions during and after that period.
> The timouts seem to occur during periods when there are many 'spam mail
> bomb' connects occurring. Maybe increasing the number of milter children
> will help.
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