SpamAssassin install failed on Debian Stretch

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Hi again,

Okay, I think I found the reason for this but I need help regarding this issue. It looks like the current source code is not working with Debian due to security reasons like below:

So, the patch is already out there:

I believe the patch should be applied and compiled manually. If so, I guess command that I used below is not going to work, isn't it? It should somehow skip the automatic installation of SpamAssassin, which means I should modify script. Are there any ways to run the installation of patched SpamAssassin without altering the script (I believe not)? Thanks again.


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Subject: SpamAssassin install failed on Debian Stretch

Hi all,

I am not sure if this is the correct behaviour or not but it looks like SpamAssassin installation fails on Debian Stretch during MailScanner installation. I ran the following command to install MailScanner:
./ --MTA=postfix --installClamav=Y --installCPAN=Y --ignoreDeps=N --ramdiskSize=0

Things were going well and I could read the message below during the install:
Building and testing Mail-SpamAssassin-3.004001 ... ! Installing Mail::SpamAssassin failed. See /root/.cpanm/work/1529900078.18195/build.log for details. Retry with --force to force install it.

When I looked at the file, it says like below:
cd spamc
Makefile:1792: recipe for target 'spamc/Makefile' failed
make: *** [spamc/Makefile] Error 2
-> FAIL Installing Mail::SpamAssassin failed. See /root/.cpanm/work/1529900078.18195/build.log for details. Retry with --force to force install it.

I just waited until the installation finished, and strange enough, I could see the message below:
Mail::SpamAssassin => OK

I am now confused. How should I interpret this? Are there anyone having the same issue? I would appreciate any helps. Thanks a lot.

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