[Question] I'd like to alter Message-ID when releasing from quarantine

Eoin Kim Eoin.Kim at rcst.com.au
Fri Jul 20 04:52:39 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I am trying to configure MailScanner with MailWatch on Debian 9. Sorry, I didn't want to involve MailWatch here but since I am trying to use a function from it, I included the name here. As the MTA, I installed Postfix. What I want to achieve is releasing mails from quarantine via sendmail not by a file (this is the feature from MailWatch). However, I am having a problem with this.

There is a Microsoft Exchange server sitting behind this Debian host and it rejects the released email because of the duplicate Message-ID. My senior person doesn't want to enable the feature of ignoring duplicate on Exchange server. I know there is a feature in MailScanner which removes Message-ID from the mail header. However, I don't want to remove this from every single message. Are there any ways to alter Messag-ID only when the message is released from quarantine?

I know that if I release emails as a file, no worries. However, I don't want to do so as there are a huge amount of users who don't use MUA. I would really appreciate if I can get any helps. Thanks a lot.

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