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Eoin Kim Eoin.Kim at rcst.com.au
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Hi Martin,

Thanks for your response. So, if I understood correctly, I should include all IP addresses of my domain's mail relays, correct? There is going to be a Microsoft Exchange server sitting behind it, hence, I guess I should register that as well.


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This is probably not the best way to whitelist your domain, as you leave yourself open to domain spoofing attacks on the email - ie spammers pretend to come from mydomain.com<http://mydomain.com>
Best to whitelist by ipaddress
And yes this setting is a big on/off for all scanning not just spam/viruses etc

On Tue, 10 Jul 2018 at 22:56, Eoin Kim <Eoin.Kim at rcst.com.au<mailto:Eoin.Kim at rcst.com.au>> wrote:
Hi all,

I'd like to ask questions regarding MailScanner configuration indexs - Scan Messages. Shortly, what I want to achieve is:

  1.  Don't scan messages from my domain.
  2.  Scan messages from other domains.

So, I set the index like this:
Scan Messages = %rules-dir%/scan.messages.rules

And the rule file is like this:
                From:    *@mydomain   no
                FromOrTo:          default yes

My first question is, is my rule file going to do the job I want? If so, I'd like to ask the second question. There are a lot of configuration indexes. If message scan is skipped for the messages from my domain, are all those indexes going to be disabled automatically for my domain's messages?

For example, if I just set like this - Allow IFrame Tags = disarm, does it mean that this is not applied to messages from my domain but is applied to other messages? Or should I still configure it to use a rule file? Sorry for the English, I hope I clearly explained. Thanks a lot.

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