[Question] Remove These Headers and Outlook conversation view

Eoin Kim Eoin.Kim at rcst.com.au
Thu Feb 15 23:21:35 UTC 2018


So, if I want to release the message as original <define('QUARANTINE_USE_SENDMAIL', true);> in MailWatch, where do I have to input that one liner? Also, what does that one liner do actually? I am not 100% confident with REGEX, sorry.


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On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 11:09:14PM +0000, Eoin Kim wrote:
>Thanks for your message. So, where does it have to sit on? Thanks again.

That depends on how you release mail.  Ours operates on the quarantine
directory to rewrite the one line of the message id header in the
sendmail qf file before it passes it on to sendmail for delivery.


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