Doesnt more detect sophos

Nicola Piazzi Nicola.Piazzi at
Mon Dec 31 16:15:29 UTC 2018

I found that mailscanner doesn no more catch sophos virus, this in an existing installation and also in a fresh install

Here maillog of a working message :
2018-12-03T01:13:17.634913+01:00 EFA42 MailScanner[4191]: >>> Virus 'Mal/DrodAce-A' found in file ./27176108233.AC1B9/201283765ref20181203_xls.ace
2018-12-03T01:13:17.635238+01:00 EFA42 MailScanner[4191]: Virus Scanning: Sophos found 1 infections
2018-12-03T01:13:17.635417+01:00 EFA42 MailScanner[4191]: Infected message 27176108233.AC1B9 came from
2018-12-03T01:13:17.635543+01:00 EFA42 MailScanner[4191]: Virus Scanning: Found 1 viruses

Here maillog of a non working message :
2018-12-17T16:21:48.334526+01:00 EFA42 MailScanner[2649]: >>> Virus 'Mal/DrodAce-A' found in file /var/pool/MailScanner/incoming/2649/DB73A106051.A5516/nPO-18191111060.ace
2018-12-17T16:21:48.334859+01:00 EFA42 MailScanner[2649]: Virus Scanning: Sophos found 1 infections
2018-12-17T16:21:48.335071+01:00 EFA42 MailScanner[2649]: Infected message var came from
2018-12-17T16:21:48.335207+01:00 EFA42 MailScanner[2649]: Virus Scanning: Found 1 viruses

NOTE Infected message "var" instead real file name !!!

This is newest installed version
[root at EFA41 sbin]# sweep --version
SAVScan virus detection utility
Copyright (c) 1989-2018 Sophos Limited. All rights reserved.
System time 05:01:58 PM, System date 31 December 2018
Product version           : 5.53.0
Engine version            : 3.74.2
Virus data version        : 5.58
User interface version    : 2.03.074
Platform                  : Linux/AMD64
Released                  : 11 December 2018
Total viruses (with IDEs) : 28304428

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