Bypass filtetype or filename blocking and quarantine

George Papamichelakis gpapamichelakis at
Mon Dec 3 08:55:54 UTC 2018

On 12/2/18 8:09 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> On 12/1/18 3:15 AM, George Papamichelakis wrote:
>> gmail account to subject server, this is an attachement zip file which
>> was previous blocked by other user,
> If it is a .zip (or other arvhive), the relevant setting for the ruleset
> for filenames within the archive is
> Archives: Filename Rules

!! It never crossed my mind that archives  use a different setting !!

Thanks for the tip , These are the relevant  settings in MaiScanner.conf :

# These are the equivalent of the settings above, except they apply to
# files which are contained within "archives", as defined by the
# "Archives Are" setting at the top of this section.
# They can all be rulesets.
Archives: Allow Filenames =
Archives: Deny Filenames =
Archives: Filename Rules = %etc-dir%/archives.filename.rules.conf
Archives: Allow Filetypes =
Archives: Allow File MIME Types =
Archives: Deny Filetypes =
Archives: Deny File MIME Types =
Archives: Filetype Rules = %etc-dir%/archives.filetype.rules.conf

I did something like the filename.rules previous mentioned and tested it 
and it works !!

Thanks a lot !!


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