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Nice! Glad to hear that! Really appreciate all the work he has done to improve the email experience ☺

A little jealous that you got to meet him ☺  Would be cool to be able to meet someone that I wish I was a quarter as smart as ☺


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Jules health is improving , a few scarey episodes a few years ago but over he's doing much better than he was
Even had the pleasure of meeting up with him 15 months or so ago

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I know this is entirely off-topic, but I used MS way back in the early 2000’s – not long after it was developed…had email exchanges with Julian Field on a few occasions, and I know that at the time, he had health issues.  Just wondering if anyone knows how he is.

We went away from MS about 3 years ago or so, and I have regretted it ever since ☺  Back at it again, and it is good to be back.


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