question about mailscanner script

Maarten mailinglists at
Thu Sep 14 22:10:10 UTC 2017


 I just upgraded my mailscanner version from 5.0.6-3 to -5.0.6-4 via the
install script and it seems

when using the install script it puts back a default (as if it were a
clean/fresh/new install)MailScanner.conf.

I had this  when I went from  5.0.3-7 to 5.0.6-3 also, thought it was a
one time thing, since in

the past I've had it that the install script make a backup of the old
one, create a new one,

than adds all the settings from your original configuration to the new
configuration. I've

been able to restore a backup of my configuration to have it working
again, but did

something change or am I missing something?



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