Postfix / MailScanner question - per domain relaying

David Jones djones at
Tue Oct 10 22:09:27 UTC 2017

On 10/10/2017 03:34 PM, Quintin S. Giesbrecht wrote:
> Thank you very much, that all makes sense.  Just a question that was raised now though...we're using MailWatch, and of course, the client IP is always our external relay's IP, so by using internal_networks and trusted_networks in spamassassin.conf, the RBL checks should then be done against the next IP address in the headers?  Do you know if MailWatch should then report the client IP as the actual sending server, and not our relay then?  Because that would be cool.

Nope.  Sorry.  The client IP will be the actual IP talking to the 
MailScanner server.  Why don't you change the networking to combine the 
mail services onto your MailScanner box.  MailScanner is going to work 
best when it's directly on the Internet edge.  If you can't combine them 
from a networking perspective then perhaps you need to setup MailScanner 
on the other edge mail server and "federate" them to share MailScanner 
and SpamAssassin configs using rsync to push configs from the "master."

David Jones

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