Rejected DWF files

Eduardo Luís eluis.linux at
Wed May 31 08:10:23 UTC 2017


First I want to thank you all the comunity behind Mailscanner contributing
for a saffer internet. Congratulations to all!!!!

I'm new on Mailscanner... but it's all installed and working like a charm.

I just can't figure it out how to do 2 things:

1st: DWF files (cad files) are allways getting blocked - it looks that it's
some kind of compressed file and says that has "virus" on it and the files
inside are like this: BA6AF0FA-81AA-43AD-B5D2-C16037DC0B0D.ef_   - final
result: file blocked and not delivered.

2nd: I allready saw on the internet how to NOT CHECK virus from inside to
outside. But I can't put it working. It allways checks all emails. Is there
a possibility to add whithelist networks? Like and ignore
from this internal networks?

I'm using With Postfix, clamav and spamassassin

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