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Mark Sapiro mark at
Tue May 2 02:58:18 UTC 2017

On 05/01/2017 07:13 PM, Eoin Kim wrote:
> This might sound like a stupid question but I am having trouble with
> making SA learn spam emails. I have MailScanner and MailWatch running in
> my work. Recently, we have received some spams. Few of them were
> actually just delivered to receivers as a clean email. I wanted to make
> SA learn these clean emails as a spam but it looks like I can’t do that.
> The ones I can do are the emails already regarded as spam. They already
> have {Spam?} prefix in the subject and its status already shows spam in
> MailWatch. Are there any ways I can achieve this? Thanks in advance.

I run SpamAssassin as "spamd" and I also have "spamc" installed. I have
a few ways of reporting messages to SpamAssassin to be learned. The mail
client I use when logged in to a shell (as a privileged user) on the
MailScanner server is mutt. I have these macros defined in mutt:

macro index H "|spamc -u postfix -L ham\r" "Spamassassin learn as ham"
macro pager H "|spamc -u postfix -L ham\r" "Spamassassin learn as ham"
macro index S "|spamc -u postfix -L spam\r" "Spamassassin learn as spam"
macro pager S "|spamc -u postfix -L spam\r" "Spamassassin learn as spam"
macro index X "|spamc -u postfix -L forget\r" "Spamassassin forget"
macro pager X "|spamc -u postfix -L forget\r" "Spamassassin forget"

Then, if I have selected a message in mutt's index or if I am viewing
the message, I can just type "H" to learn the message as ham, "S" to
learn it as spam or "X" to forget it if I learned it by mistake.

Note that -u postfix is important, but it isn't necessarily "postfix".
It is the user that MailScanner runs SpamAssassin as, normally the
configured "Run As User". Also note that -L requires spamd to be run
with the "--allow-tell" option (see man spamc).

I also have an alias in my postfix that is effectively

Spam_Report: "|spamc -u postfix -L spam  || true"

I have found however that I needed to put this in a separate alias file
with the corresponding .db (I use hashes) owned by postfix as the "-u
postfix" doesn't seem to be effective for non privileged users.

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