AW: Inline HTML Warning Bug

Berlakovich Felix (OeRK-W) Felix.Berlakovich at
Thu Mar 2 07:49:40 UTC 2017


> I would make it
>        $line =~ s/\<html[^>]*\>/$&$warning/i;
> or possibly even
>        $line =~ s/\<html( [^>]*)?\>/$&$warning/i;
> But even these won't match if the <html tag isn't closed on the same line, so
> maybe even
>        $line =~ s/\<html( [^>]*)?(\>|$)/$&$warning/i;
> but I haven't tested any of this.

I have tested the last one and it works fine, thanks for the feedback! Should I open a bug on GitHub?



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