restarting MailScanner and/or MTA

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So, in other words, for me at least it doesn’t matter what order I start things?

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Mail will not be skipped by MailScanner if you are using Postfix. It goes int the Postfix’s hold directory and is picked up by MailScanner. If MailScanner is not running it would just sit there until MailScanner started.

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Now that system seems to be taking over, I'm wondering what is the best way to stop/restart MailScanner and one's MTA of choice.  I'm running Postfix on Debian Jesse.  In the old days, the init.d script would start MailScanner, then the MTA.  One stop shopping.  Now they're started independently.  If one started the MTA outside of the MailScanner start/stop script, you could end up with mail coming in and bypassing MailScanner altogether.

What is the best practice now, with the two process being unbundled?  Does one have to be started before the other?  Can I stop/start either without stopping the other as well?


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