Stopping .js in .zip

FUNK Gábor funk.gabor at
Mon Feb 20 14:27:06 UTC 2017

>> Could someone please let me know the  best way to stop javascript (.js) files within .zip files?

something like this:

file: MailScanner.conf
     Archives Are = zip rar ace lzh gz dat 1 2 7z gzip bzip bz bz2 cab xz
     Archives: Filename Rules = %etc-dir%/rules/file/_filename-zip.rules

file: _filename-zip.rules
     FromOrTo: default    /etc/MailScanner/filename-zip.rules.conf

file: filename-zip.rules.conf | grep js
     deny    \.js$        javascript file  .js pontentally containing 
malicious trojan


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