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Sat Feb 11 18:00:17 UTC 2017

Hello Michael,

There are just a few areas in MailScanner that "point" to Spamassassin, and a few things that have to be done in the Spamassassin installation.  I just do not remember that they are.

An entire OS upgrade is pretty drastic just to get to an update Spamassassin, very time consuming, and could potentially bring down the system for quite some time, even when very carefully instructing the installer to NOT upgrade the many packages that MailScanner uses.

I have very custom Sendmail builds that I modified and built myself, as well as DRAC, popper, BIND and other manually compiled programs.

As hardware is fairly inexpensive, of course, I could also purchase a new server and start fresh, install a fresh MailScanner and all of its add-ons, and slowly migrate from the older server to the new one, but wow, this is a massive exercise.

So, when you did your 3.4.1 upgrade, do you remember having to do anything additional within MailScanner to ensure that it is using that install?

Thank you very much!
Paul Scott

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On Fri, 10 Feb 2017, Paul Scott wrote:

> My CentOS 5 system is currently running Spam Assassin v3.2.5-1.el5, 
> which is the latest as picked up by yum updates.
> My question is, if I were to upgrade manually to the very latest 
> version of Spam Assassin (3.4.1), what would need to be done to insure 
> that MailScanner uses it?
> Has anybody already gone through this exercise?

I built myself a 3.4.1 rpm on CentOS 6 and that seems to work without any difficulty, however as support for CentOS 5 ends in March you should be seriously considering updating the whole system, and not just spamassassin.

	Michael Young

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