File(name|type) rules - was hijacked: "Allow Script Tags" affects attachments?

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Sat Feb 11 00:49:20 UTC 2017

Well, unfortunately, this is just getting more and more confusing.  Yes, it is a message that is odd because it obviously doesn't sense, as it has nothing to do with too many attachments.  For now, I've been able to resolve the most nagging problem, and that is that my clients can now finally send up to 10 attachments, and up to a certain size, and this was fixed by increasing a value that doesn't appear to have anything to do with "number of attachments."

All that I am saying here is that the message isn't clear and leads folks to look in the wrong places.  I know that I am not at the top of this game, as my primary focus in life is staying alive (I have congestive heart disease and am on a ton of awful medications, some of which mess with my thinking and memory processes), and I struggle daily to run a profitable business.  I know that I am sometimes ridiculed on this list for my stupidity, but I have nowhere else to go for help, so am very, very appreciative, and will continue to donate to the cause, regardless of the flak that I sometimes experience.

So that said, please don't ever think that my comments here are in any way demeaning of this wonderful software!

Sincerely, Paul Scott

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Mark Sapiro wrote:
> I think you are seeing the EdenUSAInc-Attachment-Warning.txt file. It 
> is what you refer to as the "odd warning message". Your MUA displays 
> it inline, but it is probably an attached MIME part with name 
> EdenUSAInc-Attachment-Warning.txt.

Actually, since it is the "entire message" that's being replaced, it may not be a separate MIME part, but the rest of my reply still holds.

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