Spamassassin doesn't scan mail

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Restart both MailScanner and your MTA to make sure that any changes in the configfiles are loaded 

Use "Mailscanner --lint" command to check the config files of mailscanner. 

What MTA do you use? 

If you use Postfix and forget to follow the docs, it will send all messages without being scanned 

Docs > MTA Guides > Your MTA 

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Verzonden: Dinsdag 19 december 2017 13:40:23 
Onderwerp: Spamassassin doesn't scan mail 


we try to setup SMTP gateway and mail scanner on VPS but Spamassassin 
doesn't scan mail at all. 

Can you please help me to activate Spamassasin to scan email's. 

best regards. 

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