Enquiry regarding a new version

Paul Scott sales at edenusa.com
Sun Aug 20 23:53:12 UTC 2017

Hello Shawn and Jerry,

Will this be the version that I can use to do a fresh install on the latest CentOS release?

I am still currently running on a revision that stopped doing updates as of this April.

Please let me know.  Thank you so much!


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Yes, apologies for the delay, had a rough week and unexpected weekend at work.  Sadly, I, too, must work for a living....

I will try to wrap this up this week.

On Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 8:27 PM, Jerry Benton <jerry.benton at mailborder.com<mailto:jerry.benton at mailborder.com>> wrote:
Yes. Shawn Iverson is kindly working on the next release.

Jerry Benton
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Subject: Enquiry regarding a new version

G’day Jerry,

It might sound like a stupid question but I’d like to know if you have any plans for a new stable version release soon as I am planning a test of newer MailScanner than my company’s current one. Thanks.

Eoin Kim
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