Disable (some) virus scans?

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That is not from virus scanning. You need to allow multiple file extensions, and you need to allow executable MIME types because rather often Linux identifies Microsoft files as executables because they contain things like printer_settings.bin embedded within the files. You can still block .exe and other file types via your file policy. 




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We have a lot of false positives on the virusscanning. Loads of .docx files get detected as virus.


Also files with 'double' extensions, such as "your invoice.docx.pdf" or "yourwebsite.com.psd" get blocked.


I understand why that happens (first case: .docx are risky, second case: looks like you are trying to hide the true extension) but still I would like to accept those messages. Is it possible and easy to make that happen?


I think it is the virusscanning that Mailscanner does, not the virusscanning done by Clamav that I also use.


Thanks in advance for any answers!

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