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Mark you are correct, I am out to lunch not thinking about it right..

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On 09/19/2016 02:56 PM, Philip Parsons wrote:
> What I want to be able to do is to send all of the Blocked file name 
> reports to a specific email address not to the recipient.

I'm still confused.

There are three notifications.

1) The sender of the mail (From: address) is notified that some of their message was blocked. This is controlled by the Notify Senders * settings. See <>

2) An admin or ?? is notified of the action. This is controlled by the
Notice* settings.

3) When an attachment is blocked a notice is placed in the message to the recipient about the blocked attachment and the attachment itself is replaced by a more detailed warning message. This is controlled by the Deleted * Report settings. These point to a file containing a template, but it could be /dev/null.

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