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Fa. Dellschau Robert Dellschau robert at
Fri Sep 9 12:32:38 UTC 2016

Hello @ list !
I'm using mailscanner since .... 2003? 2005?

But now there is a new "obstacle" I try to understand:
I want to keep out emails from my stalking / hoovering ex-girlfriend.
I tried to set her adress to the blacklist .... and yes, the are marked 
as highscored spam and delivered to quarantine
but .. I want them to be deleted at first sight, so that I'm not in the 
risk of reading them the first moment.
otherwise .... if I would like to announce her misbehavior to court, I'd 
should have copies of all the rubbish, she sendt.

My Idea is to set in the "scan.mail.rules" file a line with
from: her at  archive delete    --> would that archive & 
delete all emails from her?

any ideas ?

Kind regards
nearby cologne / germany.

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