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Mon Nov 28 21:15:57 UTC 2016


 I have been looking at mailscanner for a souple of weeks, in order to try to identify the functionality in it - compared to more simple solutions, I have been used some years ago for at small email server for my family and a couple of friends...

Mailscanner seems to be a step forward - but still something (not much) is missing, compared to an old qmail based setup, I ran some years ago... On that system, I installed TMDA ( Of course, it was on a local/target mail server, and it could really keep the amount of spam on a minimum. 
Compared with the situation today, I think the RBL's and SpamAssassin have improved much - so it is not so much the challenge/response functionality of TMDA, that I will miss.... It is the option top have time-limited email addresses, and keyword-tagged addresses.
The time limited address will continue to work, until they expore - and when expired you could choose to have the sender confirm the message, bounce it or drop it... Dropping it would be sufficient for me :-)
As for keyword addresses - a filter can be set up only to accept mails from specific senders to specific receipients (and a couple of other possibiities)... 

The common thing for these is that multiple virtual addresses can exist for a single target mailbox...

I wonder if similar functionality can be achieved in mailscanner? Postfix supports extensions - but some will probably be required in order to grab the extension addresses and ensure that they are in the right format (email+sender.498fa2e5 at - where sender.498fa2e5 is the extension, sender indicates that a checksum or similar should be made on the sender address, and the hex value will be used to verify against a user-specific key-value - in order to validate the sender and allow the mail to pass)...

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