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Mon Nov 21 19:06:54 UTC 2016

I have fixed the update server to put out a the every day. Amazon in all of their douchebaggery bought Alexa and now wants to charge .25 per 100 domains downloaded. Do the math and it is $2500 for the full list. Assholes. 

Jerry Benton
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> On Nov 21, 2016, at 1:35 PM, Jerry Benton <jerry.benton at> wrote:
> Alexa wants to start charging for their list of web sites. I cannot seem to find a copy of a recent version of the file. If anyone has a copy, I would appreciate it if you sent a copy my way. It never really changed much, so it will become a mostly static and occasionally manually updated file on the update server until I can find another reliable source to dynamically create that file. 
> The phishing.bad.sites is still updated as before. 
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> Jerry Benton
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