MailScanner 5 on Gentoo

John Wilcock john at
Mon Nov 14 08:26:18 UTC 2016

Le 13/11/2016 à 22:00, Michael Weiser a écrit :
> I just updated my Gentoo-based MailScanner installation from something
> ancient to MailScanner 5.0.3-7 and just couldn't believe how insanely
> sane this new MailScanner is. So I went right ahead and reworked the
> Gentoo package to reflect that.

Thanks for your work on this, Michael. I've been holding off on doing 
the update on my gentoo boxes due to lack of time — and hesitations as 
to whether to move to amavisd instead, as I'm keen on the possibility of 
doing before-queue spamassassin, but not so clear on whether there's a 
good amavisd equivalent to MailWatch.

Anyway, I'll give your ebuild a try on a test box later this week and 
get back to you with my thoughts.


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