MailScanner on seperate servers

Jonas Kvinge jonas at
Sat Nov 5 12:03:52 UTC 2016


I've been using a setup of sendmail/Procmail/SpamAssassin/Dovecot for
many years, but recently switched to MailScanner. I've installed it on 2
seperate sendmail servers and use mailtable to forward the mail for the
domains to the imap server with the mailboxes.

The purpose of this was to take the load of the main server as well as
having 2 servers if one goes down.

It's working great and detecting more spam than previously, except for
bayesian filtering, since the folders for individual users are on the
imap server where the users directories are in /home/user/.spamassassin/

The imap server is running procmail to put the spam in the Spam folder.

Each user has a /home/user/Maildir/.Spam/ and /home/Maildir/.LearnSpam/
directory and sa-learn is run every night by crontab.

What would be the best way to implement this so that the bayesian work
on both mailscanner servers?

Could I just rsync /home/*/.spamassassin/ to the 2 mailscanner servers?


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