Outbound e-mail through MailScanner : JPG gets corrupted.

Mark Meelhuysen mark at meelhuysen.com
Mon May 30 11:44:00 UTC 2016

Hello all,

Before last week we only used MailScanner to scan incoming mail traffic. E-mail traffic was fine and JPG files could be received normally.
Then we changed the smart host of our mail server (Exchange 2013) to the MailScanner instead of the internet mail gateway (provider).
JPG files are still received in good condition, but when we send them out, the files received by the other party are all corrupted. It differs from completely grey to half visible images.
I already tried to increase the value for Max Spam Check Size but this does not change anything. I cannot find any related info about it on Google. Is there anybody who has seen this before?

Thank you in advance,


Dit bericht is gescanned op virussen en andere gevaarlijke inhoud en lijkt schoon te zijn.

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