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Trond M. Markussen markussen at
Wed May 25 12:52:27 UTC 2016

Thanks Mark, it turns out that Maximum Archive Depth was set to 0 (which
disables scanning within archives as I understand it).

I have changed this value to 2 now, hopefully that will fix the problem :)


Trond M.

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Emne: Re: Exe and js in zip

On 05/23/2016 04:45 AM, Trond M. Markussen wrote:
> What works best for blocking .exe and .js files within zip attachments?
> We seem to have quite a few of these coming through

Default MailScanner config settings should block these

filename.rules.conf contains

deny    \.jse?$         Possible Microsoft JScript attack
                       JScript Scripts are dangerous in email

deny    \.exe$          Windows/DOS Executable
   Executable DOS/Windows programs are dangerous in email

And both MailScanner and virus scanners look inside zip archives.

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