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Mark Sapiro mark at
Wed May 4 02:46:49 UTC 2016

On 05/03/2016 03:14 PM, Jerry Benton wrote:
> Ok, corrected the upgrade issues.

I've done a brand new install on Ubuntu 16.04. This machine was
previously running Ubuntu 15.10 and recently upgraded to 16.04 including
upgrading perl from 5.20.2-6ubuntu to 5.22.1-9, but MailScanner had not
been previously installed.

I first installed The
install seemed to go OK, but I did no real testing. I then upgraded to That
too went well.

Then I of course needed to set a number of config things, but after
getting a suitable config almost everything seems to work.

The one issue I've found is the cron jobs. /etc/cron.hourly/mailscanner

. /usr/sbin/ms-cron HOURLY

and /etc/cron.daily/mailscanner contains

. /usr/sbin/ms-cron DAILY


. /usr/sbin/ms-cron MAINT

This doesn't work. For example, ". /usr/sbin/ms-cron HOURLY" just
sources /usr/sbin/ms-cron. When /usr/sbin/ms-cron tests $1, it is
testing the argument that /etc/cron.hourly/mailscanner was invoked with
which is normally null. The above all need to drop the '.' and just
invoke the script with the argument, not source it.

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