MailScanner v5 Beta Available

Jerry Benton jerry.benton at
Tue May 3 19:26:14 UTC 2016

200 hours later … 

Per the subject, this is beta. If you have a moment, please test your preferred distro and report your results. Unless there are any code issues, this will be the v5 release. 

Development note: anything you want to commit on the v4 branch needs to also be done on the v5 branch. As of this moment, I am not even looking at v4 anymore.





Some items to note:

- /etc/MailScanner/defaults replaced /etc/sysconfig/mailscanner and /etc/default/mailscanner across all platforms including NIX*
- NIX: the startup script is /var/lib/MailScanner/init/ms-int (also across all platforms)
- NIX: no more /opt directory
- “service mailscanner start” is now lower case across all platforms
- ls /usr/sbin/ms-* to see all of the executables
- /usr/sbin/MailScanner is still the main program

Jerry Benton

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