SpamAssassin classifies MailScanner reports like SPAM

Mark Sapiro mark at
Thu Mar 24 00:24:00 UTC 2016

On 03/23/2016 08:18 AM, Valentin Laskov wrote:
> Well, than we must forgot about this feature:
> (MailScanner.conf)
> # What character set do you want to use for the attachment that
> # replaces viruses (VirusWarning.txt)?
> # The default is ISO-8859-1 as even Americans have to talk to the
> # rest of the world occasionally :-)
> # This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
> Attachment Encoding Charset = UTF-8

I don't think so. I would need to see the original warning from
MailScanner to say much definitively, but I'm guessing the what causes
the complaint in this case is some piece of the original message which
is included in the MailScanner report.

The setting you refer to is only for the character set of the specific
VirusWarning.txt part. What language is this in? What is your setting
for %report-dir% in your MailScanner.conf, and if it doesn't point to
reports/en, in what character set are the files in that directory encoded?

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