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Kevin Miller kevin.miller at
Fri Mar 11 20:26:52 UTC 2016

In the MailWatch list I recently posted that some scripts in cron.daily weren't running by the scheduler, but ran just fine from the CLI.  It turns out that Debian does not allow '.' in the filename of a cron job stored in /etc/cron.(d|daily|weekly|monthly).  It's actually a run-parts issue.
>From the run-parts man page:
       If neither the --lsbsysinit option nor the --regex option is given then
       the names must consist entirely of ASCII upper- and lower-case letters,
       ASCII digits, ASCII underscores, and ASCII minus-hyphens.

I don't think the MailScanner install script puts anything in the cron.X directories with "." in it, but in the ChangeLog file is the following entry:
    Another good ruleset to add to your setup is
    To download this automatically every night, fetch and put it in /etc/cron.daily
    and make it executable (type "chmod +x /etc/cron.daily/").

If anyone is using Debian (or other distros that behave similarly) and the KAM ruleset you may want rename, taking out the "." characters.  A new note in the Changelog might be in order as well.  

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