Denial Of Service Attack Messages

Steven Jardine steve at
Mon Mar 7 16:25:16 UTC 2016

I upgraded MailScanner several months ago to v4.85.2-3 and now 
v4.86.1-1. Often I am getting the error message:

    MailScanner was attacked by a Denial Of Service attack, and has
    therefore deleted this part of the message. Please contact your
    e-mail providers for more information if you need it, giving them
    the whole of this report. Attack in:

The file reported in the attack is not there so I am unable to to any 

I am using a OpenVZ container with Ubuntu 14.04 - 6 CPUs and 12GB RAM. 
The messages are causing problems with valid mail messages both incoming 
and outgoing.

Is there a way to disable this feature?  Any ideas on how to suppress 
these messages?


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