Sharp drop in JScript attacks

Jorge A Arenas Quezada jorgeaaq at
Thu Jun 9 15:00:38 UTC 2016

I have no answer of what happened but i have the same behavior with some clients

Thousands of mails on one day and completely stop the next 

This has happened in the last two months

Jorge Arenas

On 6/9/16, 9:40 AM, "MailScanner on behalf of Peter Lemieux" < at on behalf of mailscanner at> wrote:

>This isn't directly pertinent to MailScanner, but since you all are pretty 
>experienced in fighting malware, I thought I'd ask.
>I have a healthcare client who was being deluged with JScript attacks.  On one 
>day alone, the quarantine directory in MailScanner exceeded 7 GB in size.  For 
>weeks MS was blocking thousands of JS files.  Now the attacks have abruptly 
>stopped.  Has anyone else seen this behavior, or have any ideas about what 
>might have happened?
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