Peter Farrow peter at farrows.org
Fri Jan 29 11:56:13 UTC 2016

RHEL7 is, to be frank,  a pile of ****

Changing to systemD from SystemV replaced logical easy to use commands 
for services and functions with a ton of badly thought out half backed 
command that are obscure, obfuscated and downright impossible to guess.

They also paid off and hired all the Centos engineers with the medium 
term aim to remove it from the community or make it less useful so they 
can sell more contracts of support.

While its ok to make money, to openly sabotage community editions in 
this manner, is exactly what I would expect from some money grabbing 

CentOS days are number, and I for one will be switching when I get a chance.

The all Americal corporate money fuelled greedy bandwagon finally 
permeated Red Hat.

On 29/01/2016 10:37, Shawn Iverson wrote:
> If I can squeeze some time I will do some dev for MailScanner on RHEL 7...
> On Fri, Jan 29, 2016 at 4:26 AM, Jerry Benton 
> <jerry.benton at mailborder.com <mailto:jerry.benton at mailborder.com>> wrote:
>     Is it me, or is Red Hat turning this product into so half-assed
>     Windows box?
>     Granted, today was the first time I really used it because I am
>     building the RHEL package for MailScanner. Well, I must be a dumb
>     ass because I am struggling just to get clamd to work.
>     What have these fools done?
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