maillog stops logging?

Walt Thiessen wt at
Thu Jan 28 14:21:48 UTC 2016

Thanks Christophe. While I'm not having that particular issue, it was a
good clue.

When I ran as person who reported the bug did: journalctl --verify

I received the following fail message:

12be230: invalid object
File corruption detected at
/run/log/journal/3357e26558b24bfdb51c6129af284914/system.journal:12be230 (of
25165824 bytes, 78%).
FAIL: /run/log/journal/3357e26558b24bfdb51c6129af284914/system.journal
assign requested address)

Upon visiting /run/log/journal/3357e26558b24bfdb51c6129af284914/

I didn't see a file: system.journal:12be230

Instead, I saw a bunch of files named similar to:

I'm not sure how to clear this error.

I believe I know what caused it, however. In my, I
included a logging step that reported the content of the email. I
suspect that something in the content of an email may have inserted an
illegal character or something similar. So I've removed that logging step.

Now all I need is a way to clear the journalctl error.


On 1/28/2016 8:32 AM, Christophe GRENIER wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Jan 2016, Walt Thiessen wrote:
>> CentOS 7
> Have you updated systemd a few days ago ?

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