MailScanner v5?

Jerry Benton jerry.benton at
Thu Jan 28 08:08:47 UTC 2016

Ok, I am looking at the structure of MailScanner, and it just is not fun. For example, take the executable update_virus_scanners . For someone that doesn’t really know MailScanner, what program does that file belong to? This relates to my effort to restructure based on FHS. I am also trying to make sure everything is consistent across every distro. 

So, the big things I have done for 4.86.1:

- moved directories to FHS
- changing config files to be consistent (/etc/default/mailscanner => /etc/default/MailScanner on Debian for example)
- changed a lot of the code so that the Debian code follows the same logic and format of the RHEL code

So, what I want to do now is create a common executable structure. For example:

update_virus_scanners => 		ms-vs-update
update_spamassassin =>   		ms-sa-update
update_phishing_sites =>  		ms-pss-update
update_bad_phishing_sites =>	ms-pbs-update
Quick.Peek =>				ms-peek

Or something similar. You get the idea. I also want to move things like this:


into the the main

/etc/sysconfig/MailScanner and /etc/default/MailScanner

Hell, I forgot there was even a /etc/sysconfig/update_spamassassin and I am on the development team.

In short, I want to make MailScanner consistent and much simpler to manage and operate.


PS - If your comment is not constructive and follows the general theme of “you’re stupid, Jerry”, please feel free to not comment. 

Jerry Benton

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