Which antivirus really work?

Heino Backhaus heino.backhaus at fink-computer.de
Mon Jan 11 08:50:34 UTC 2016

Hallo Carles,

McAfee worked for me just fine, but i like to recommend the filtering of 
all executeables including executeables in archives. By name and 
filetype as well as blocking of password protected Archives.
I know this sounds kind of extreme, but in fact a 300 User Company is 
Virusfree since we decided to do so, wich is about one Year ago. 
Virusscanners do not protect you against zero-day or even zero hour 

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Am 11.01.2016 um 09:33 schrieb [SOLTECSIS] Carles Xavier Munyoz Baldó:
> Hello,
> I'm want to setup MailScanner with three commercial antivirus.
> I have already setup with ClamAV but I need three additional commercial
> antivirus.
> I have tried Bitdefender and Avast ...
> For the Bitdefender bdscan, the thechnical support has said to me that
> the product is discontinued and there are no licenses.
> For the Avast I have already post a message in this list because the
> last version of Avast doesn't work with MailScanner.
> I would like to use Kaspersky too, but I don't know if the last version
> of it will work with MailScanner.
> Please, may someone confirm it to me?
> May someone recommend three commercial antivirus that really work with
> MailScanner?
> Best regards.
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