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Do you have an email to submit infected ole files to be added to the 
badmacro.ndb?    I have one now that is several days old that is notflagged by clamd with badmacro.ndb.     It is up to 26 of 55 on virustotal now.

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On Mon, February 8, 2016 7:39 pm, Scott B. Anderson wrote:
> How do you handle the new Office 97-05 trojan documents without macros
> that still contain Trojans that abuse the rtf 'engine' in office
> 2010/13/16 to root workstations without the .doc or .xls actually
> containing a macro?
If you are using ClamAV you can block these easily with badmacro.ndb.

In addition phish.ndb will block xml types with rogue.hdb to fill
in the rest of the crappy stuff.


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