Which distro?

Manuel Dalla Lana endelwar at aregar.it
Mon Feb 22 15:57:21 UTC 2016

Il 19/02/16 09:36, Peter Nitschke ha scritto:
> I am curious, why does systemd bother you?
> I freaked at first, but after taking a deep breath I find it very good.
It's not a "new" command line syntax for system administration that 
hurts me (jumping from linux to bds to osx to windows to android it's 
not a problem), but the overwhelming sensation that the installed server 
doesn't do what I want it to do and doesn't do it in a predictable way: 
it has been observed by many (including me) that Linux stability has 
been reduced a lot by introducing systemd, making things work is harder 
now, also add binary logs and a lead developer that doesn't understand 
the difference from a pc and a banana to the mix and you get frustrated 
by only turning on a systemd box.

Linux (and all unixes in general) was build on one good principle: one 
software shall do one thing and make it good, systemd want to do 
everything (from sys init to logging, to ip management, dns, web 
server...) and it does them bad.


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