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What is the expected behavior for an upgrade?  As the new version won't have the update programs any more will it remove the older copies and revert the update process back to "factory specs" for the respective packages, i.e. antivirus and spamassassin?

I think that would be fine, but if not it may be helpful to include some verbiage in the script describing what should be done to manually roll back the update processes.

Thanks Jerry...

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Here I sit creating the RPM build and I am thinking that there are some items that just are not needed anymore. For example, we don’t update_virus_scanners nor do we need update_spamassassin. I don’t know of any virus scanner package that does not have its own update platform. The same is true Spamassassin. sa-compile will automatically do what is needed as long as you have re2c installed and the Rule2XSBody module installed and loaded.

So in addition to standardizing the directory structure across all platforms, I am also removing these scripts. They are far beyond their expiration date. 

I am also removing processing_messages_alert from being in any cron by default. 

Jerry Benton

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