Trimming the fat from MailScanner

Wolfgang Baudler wbaudler at
Mon Feb 8 14:51:53 UTC 2016

> Here I sit creating the RPM build and I am thinking that there are some
> items that just are not needed anymore. For example, we don?t
> update_virus_scanners nor do we need update_spamassassin. I don?t know of
> any virus scanner package that does not have its own update platform. The
> same is true Spamassassin. sa-compile will automatically do what is needed
> as long as you have re2c installed and the Rule2XSBody module installed
> and loaded.

update_spamassassin and update_virus_scanners are still used at our
installations. This is with Sophos version 5.19.0 and it works fine.


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