Blocking custom file extension is not working

Andrew Colin Kissa andrew at
Fri Feb 5 14:19:39 UTC 2016

On 05 Feb 2016, at 4:12 PM, Pieter Goris <Pieter.Goris at> wrote:

> But the file is shown in outlook as a .dll
> So is there a way to block this?

Not with the way mailscanner currently checks the filenames, but i do not
see the point in reimplementing the mailscanner functionality to be able to
catch that as the mime checks would catch the real potentially dangerous
attachments anyway.

Like Jerry said, saying you are a pornstar does not make you one, file
extensions do not always indicate what a file is, the mime check is more

I would only worry if they were able to send through a real actual .dll file.

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