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Hi Jerry,

Why is there also an option for "Virus Scanning" then? 

# Do you want to scan email for viruses?
# A few people don't have a virus scanner licence and so want to disable
# all the virus scanning.
# If you use a ruleset for this setting, then the mail will be scanned if
# *any* of the rules match (except the default). That way unscanned mail
# never reaches a user who is having their mail virus-scanned.
# If you want to be able to switch scanning on/off for different users or
# different domains, set this to the filename of a ruleset.
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
Virus Scanning = %rules-dir%/virus.scanning.rules

What would happen if you set this for a domain to no, but then set the other option to yes? 


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MailScanner has had a bug for the longest time. I am currently working on packaging for the new version, so if someone could investigate this I would appreciate it. 

In scan.message.rules you have three options: yes,no,virus

Yes and No work correctly. However, Virus does not. The intent for that setting is to only scan for viruses. However, MailScanner seems to perform all of the normal checks as if the setting were Yes.

Can someone take a look and do some testing please? 

Jerry Benton

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